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GET involved

This is an exciting project, and there are several ways to get involved. You can make one-off or recurring donations, which enables us to grow and plant trees - expanding both habitat and food resource for our iconic Daintree wildlife in the oldest rainforest on earth. You can also attend regular community tree planting days, keep in touch by receiving our newsletter, and spread the word via social media. Details and options are below. Pictured here is volunteer, Jess planting rainforest in the Daintree. on a community tree planting day.


“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.”

- John Ruskin

DONATE for trees

This is where you can really help make a difference. Donations are the lifeblood of the project, and every $12.50 provides funds to grow, plant and maintain a rainforest tree in the Daintree region. All donations for trees will receive a personalised certificate via email, and the gift of rainforest trees are a lovely way to provide lasting gifts of value for birthdays or in memory of loved ones. You may also wish to set up a recurring monthly donation which allows us to plant trees on your behalf every month. Pictured here are co-founders, Connie & Dave planting trees. We thank you in advance.

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Just Married

SPECIAL occasions

Having trees planted for special occasions is a great way to send a gift which lasts a lifetime. There are several options you can choose, including living birthday gifts, living wedding gifts, anniversaries, the birth of a baby, trees planted in memoriam of loved ones, and living gifts for any other occasion you can possibly think of. All living gifts will receive personalised certificates - customised to suit the occasion and recipients.

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COMMUNITY planting

If you live locally, community planting days are a great way to get involved, have fun, meet new people, and do something positive for our environment.

On our community planting page, we have a calendar, a next event info box, and other planting day information. We aim to hold around four such events each year, and pictured here was the conclusion of a planting day in January which saw 28 volunteers plant 1500 trees in just two and a half hours.

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PRIVATE landholders

Do you have land in the Daintree area that you have always wanted to plant back to rainforest, but don't have the money or means to achieve it? We can help. Our aim is simply to plant trees in the area by raising funds to achieve the goal. This means that you as the landholder get to have or increase wildlife-attracting rainforest on your property, and it will not cost you anything financially. A win for both the environment and for you.

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Donate via Bank Transfer

If you want to donate, but don't wish to use PayPal,  you can use direct electronic transfer into our account:

​Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Name: Daintree Life

BSB: 064 835

Account: 1020 1397

Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

Containers for Change

Turn old bottles and cans into rainforest. Use the number below at approved drop off centres in Queensland and Western Australia to donate your 10c refund eligible drinks containers to Daintree Life rainforest revegetation.



Spread the word via Social Media

Like our page and aims, but unable to donate right now? You can still help by spreading the word via social media. Simply go follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share our posts of fundraising campaigns.

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Community Tree Planting Days

Coming soon.


We will be holding regular community tree-planting days - a great way to make a difference, have fun, and meet new people. Watch this space for a calendar.

Our next event is planned for January 2022 - beach planting at Myall Beach.

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