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DONATE for trees - Tanzania

We are partnering with two amazing organisations to plant trees in East Africa in the Usambara Mountains and Arusha regions. Friends of Usambara Society have planted 22 million trees in the Eastern Arc Mountains since 2008 and Loliondo Actions for Green Earth work with schools in the Arusha region to help reforest these areas and have planted 14,700 trees in the last two years. Both organisations empower locals to make a huge grassroots difference. Costs are far cheaper in East Africa, meaning that trees can be planted for as little as $0.50c US. Apart from life-giving trees, this will benefit Chimpanzees, Leopards, Giraffes, Hamadryas Baboons, and a vast array of other wildlife. 


“Trees are as close to immortality as the rest of us ever come.”

- Karen Joy Fowler



Just 50c USD per tree.

Your donation will grow, plant & maintain trees in the Usambara Mountains and Arusha regions in Tanzania.



Leopard resting in a tree in Tanzania


friends of USAMBARA society

Friends of Usambara began planting trees in 1997 and have so far planted over 22 million trees in the Usambara region in the Eastern Arc Mountains of northeastern Tasmania, with a target of planting another 7 million trees this year. FOU's goals are to mobilise and empower the local community to promote and maintain a healthy environment. This involves fifteen nurseries, creating sustainable eco-tourism and planting vast tracts of new forest for the benefit of local people, the wildlife and combatting climate change. FOU also promote forest products, especially through the cultivation and use of traditional foods and medicines to improve food security, nutrition, and health.

LOLIONDO actions for green earth

Lolionda Actions for Green Earth was started by school teacher, Paul Morijo and has planted 14,700 trees in just two years in the Arusha region of northeastern Tanzania. Loliondo is an organisation that is committed to environmental conservation, to create a society that takes environmental preservation as it's primary responsibility. Paul works heavily with the education system to involve school children in directly planting trees for Tanzania and the planet's future. This direct involvement creates positive education for the next generation, and will create a lasting legacy for local communities and Arusha's wildlife.


Never too young to start making a difference - Usambara nursery.


School children ready to plant - Loliondo Actions for Green Earth.

DONATE via bank transfer

If you want to donate, but don't wish to use PayPal,  or want to set up a recurring monthly donation, you can use direct electronic transfer into our account:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank. Name: Daintree Life

BSB: 064 835

Account: 1020 1397

Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

Please put TANZANIA in the note.

Man Typing on a Laptop

the VALUE of trees

A single mature rainforest tree does all this:

Carbon capture: sequesters 22.6kg of carbon per year.
Filtration: filters 27kg of pollutants from the air each year.
Cooling: has the same cooling effect as 10 air conditioners running continuously.
Rainmaker: transpires 757 litres of rainwater into the atmosphere.


Not bad value for 50c USD.

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