Flying-fox rehabilitation cage complete

Wildlife care in the Daintree: after a huge delay from solid rain for weeks not allowing us to get sand into the cage without getting the ute bogged, we finally got a break. The final cage panels were already prefabricated, so two trips for two tonnes of sand have now seen us get to 'lock up' stage. The back raised roof is up which is covered with polycarbonate sheeting to give a protected area, and the front raised roof (which will include a covered porch) is under construction. We should be fully operational and able to get bats in there by the weekend. Once again, a huge thank you to IFAW for making this happen. We will now be fully set up for the coming season. We have had the sign for years - it simply means, 'home of the flying-fox' in Gubbi Gubbi language.

Our new flying-fox rehabilitation flight cage

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