1000 holes are ready

1000 holes are dug and ready for trees on our first community planting this Sunday. If you are coming along, look out for the signs on Cape Tribulation Road at Cow Bay - between Tulip Oak Road and Buchanan Creek Road. 9.00am start, with registration on site at 8.30am. Details (and what to bring) are on the link below, and although holes are dug, it may pay to bring a trowel if you have one to scoop loose dirt out, and a small hand towel for mopping perspiring brows is also useful. The Cow Bay Hotel (just 400m away) is putting on a sausage sizzle for us afterwards at a very low price. Indigenous elder, Bennett Walker and son will also be bringing guitars to provide some live music for us at the hotel. This will be a fun and positive morning. Look forward to seeing you there.

1000 holes - ready to go

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